Her Majesty “Not Amused” With Gunslinger & Gang

tweet11Former NASCAR Truck Series legend Mike Skinner, wowed the crowd at this years Goodwood Festival of Speed held annually in the UK.

Skinner bested his own time from 2014 in the NASCAR class by a half-second and earned the honorable title of “Driver of the Day”.

Celebrating in true, down-home bona fide Skinner-style, wife Angie lept onto her husband as she did for his truck series wins, much to the amazement of the crowd.

“Bloody hell, how cheeky”… and “I swear one must be off one’s trolly” and “he’s got bollocks of steel to withstand such nonsense” were phrases being whispered by those in attendance, along with “daffed… bloody well daffed”.

In an official statement made by Her Royal Highness Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, “we are not amused” fell on deaf ears while the party at Lord March’s went on for the rest of the evening.

Most would suffer from “collywobbles” at the thought of The Queen’s message, but a win is a win…. we do not quite care who thou are……


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