Another New NASCAR Template Discovered

Another New NASCAR Template Discovered

NASCAR is also concerned about the complete fan experience and is working hard to come up with templates for other things in the sport to make sure a consistent fan experience is enjoyed.

Recently while visiting the Chart House Restaurant in Daytona Beach a prominent NASCAR official noticed the rear clip on waitress Dixie. Suddenly a brilliant idea came to mind and after hitting a few trees while following Dixie on the route home to capture the photograph included in this essay this unnamed NASCAR official suggested more work for the NASCAR R&D Center.

Video tests were done on male subjects 14-29 to determine the perfect rear clip template for future Miss Sprint Cups and Miss Coors Lite starting in 2016. This key demographic is important for the future growth of NASCAR.

“Older guys will leer at any ladies behind,” said Chief Data Analyst Wolfgang Adlersflugel. “We noticed an 87% approval of Template B by younger NASCAR fans and non NASCAR fans alike.”

NASCAR is about more than great racing! In order to reach the key younger demographic likely to grow the sport science is the key to success.

That’s the way I see it.



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