New NASCAR Template Discovered

New NASCAR Template Discovered

Unlike so many of those other websites whose writers get paid by NASCAR to help them keep the secrets, when we get a juicy rumor here at Scriptbusterz we are quick to share it with the NASCAR fans who deserve to know even before we can confirm the veracity of the data.

Next weekend at Kentucky Speedway NASCAR will experiment with a special lower downforce aero template to improve the racing. This season by any measure the racing has been worse. My cat Fred often falls asleep at speedway races now instead of running around in circles.

Now we have learned that Kentucky might not be the only track where a new aero package is tried out this year.

“Attendance is slipping and TV ratings are sliding too,” said NASCAR Chief Data Analysis Officer Wilfred Kennedy. “What if we designed special templates for each track that the local people could embrace and the National audience could enjoy?”

This comment made in a memo that went out to all of the Executive Officers in NASCAR last month started the creative minds at the NASCAR R&D Center working on a plan.

The picture included with this article is the classified blue print of what a “Custom Chicagoland Aero Package” would look like for the first race of the Chase at the Joliet, Illinois track.

“We have ten races to go until the Chase, a half a pack of Winstons, it’s dark and we are wearing sunglasses,” finished Chief Aero Specialist Elwood Zaffre in his memo suggesting the new Chicagoland Aero Package.

This new aero package is sure to improve the downforce balance and provide better racing to start the Chase.

That’s the way I see it.



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