Exclusive Interview with NASCAR Corner Official

Another week of NASCAR racing and another week when the fans are wondering what constitutes a debris caution in a NASCAR race. Here at Scriptbusterz while other media members were scurrying to the Media Center to interview the winning drivers and crew chief I was headed to turn two to interview a NASCAR Corner Official.

“Every Monday I am sick of the fans getting on NASCAR for too many debris cautions,” said NASCAR Corner Official Samuel Winston. “I’ve been doing this job for the last 37 years and we only put the caution out when we see something huge on the track.”

I asked Mr. Winston what he saw on the track when he called upstairs to put out the caution on lap 188.

“Oh my that got my attention because it’s not every day you see a 50 gallon drum of Gatorade on the edge of the racing groove,” said Winston.

When I pointed out to Mr. Winston that it appeared to simply be a Gatorade drink bottle to me he got rather abusive.

“Young man my eyesight might not be as crisp as it was when I was your age but with my new glasses from CheapGlasses.com my vision is perfect,” said Winston.

NASCAR has always been like a family but maybe NASCAR officials making such decisions should not have such strong eye glass prescriptions.

That’s the way I see it. (With perfect 20/20 vision)



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