NASA Stunned with Earth 2.0 Discovery

NASA Stunned with Earth 2.0 Discovery

Everyone from the creators of the X Files to those considering a sequel to ET are thrilled because of the new discovery announced by NASA this week. For the first time the folks at NASA have found a planet similar enough to Earth to actually sustain life as we know it. This was a great way to spend $2.67 Billion over the last 27 years but I digress. One part of the NASA discovery is being under reported and today we take care of the oversight made by the rest of the mainstream media.

“We find these planets all the time but this was the first time one was so similar to Earth that we got excited,” said Hugo Turner of the Intergalactic NASA Task Force. “What really sucks is that these creatures on some remote planet billions of light years from Earth have a better cable package than me!”

Yes NASCAR fans it is true. Unlike Mr. Turner from NASA who is a huge NASCAR fan but missed out on the exciting heat races from Eldora last Wednesday because Comcast still doesn’t carry Fox Sports 2, the inhabitants of Earth 2.0 all get Fox Sports 2 because of their “Universal Multi Channel” distribution system.

This holds great promise for NASCAR marketing partners. Now if they can just figure out how to ship M&M Candy and Mountain Dew to remote parts of the universe the value of NASCAR sponsorships will soar. Meanwhile back here on Earth many humans will lack Fox Sports 2 until they can afford to move to Earth 2.0.

That’s the way I see it.



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