NASCAR Plan to Boost Attendance Fails

Here at Scriptbusterz we knew there had to be a method to the madness of hiding the second most important race of the NASCAR Sprint Cup calendar on the NBC Sports Channel instead of the network. Not since the days of a rolling picture and only four channels has a NASCAR race been so hard to find on your television. Now an unnamed NASCAR executive has told us what their grand plan was all about.

“The first NASCAR race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway saw a bigger crowd than we ever experienced in NASCAR before and we were trying to bring back that need to get to the track,” said our unnamed source we will call “Deep Throat.”

“Attendance has been declining so much at the speedway and it was so bad for the XFinity Series race that each paying customer could have changed seats every lap and not run out of empty chairs,” said Mr. Throat. “I told Brian that if we played hide-and-go-seek with the television coverage then more of the locals would show up at the last minute.”

While NASCAR and the race tracks no longer announce the paid attendance we outsourced the job via FiverrĀ to Cheng Jiango Woo to count all of the empty chairs and use linear regression statistical modeling to come up with an estimate. (It’s pretty amazing the things you can get done via the Interwebz for $5 nowadays)

Within a degree of difficulty equal to a Greg Louganis preliminary dive our statistical wizard estimates that the crowd at Indianapolis Motor Speedway was down by 1.2% versus a moving average computed from still photographical evidence compiled over the last three years.

Obviously hiding the second biggest race of the season on an obscure sports channel instead of the network was not successful. Hopefully NASCAR won’t make this mistake again!

That’s the way I see it.





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