Cecil The Lion’s Last Will Found; Names Richard Childress Beneficiary

Blowing across a sandy Zimbabwe grassland was a sheet of soiled paper soaked in blood. It was picked up by a crying Matshobana Ncube who arrived on scene not long after Cecil the Lion was shot by a dentist from the United States of America.

Ncube turned the paper in to authorities as he couldn’t himself read it without feeling the deepest regret that anyone has ever felt.

On this paper is the only known “Last Will and Testament” of Cecil. The following is a brief synopsis of what the majestic big cat wrote:

Richard Childress with his trophy lion
Richard Childress with his trophy lion

“I, Cecil of Zimbabwe, hereby bequeath my remains to the same man who sadly harvested my cousin from the desert at Ehirovipuka Conservancy, a nature reserve situated in the Kunene Region of Namibia a few years ago. I feel it is in my best interest to be reunited with my long lost cousin as our heads and bodies are skinned and mounted for humans to enjoy boasting about. My choice to be taken by Richard Childress is only for this reason, and hope that I do not die in vain at the hands of some sort of asshole-ish person like a comedian or a dentist. At least give me this much please. For the sake of lion-kind. Yours for eternity, Cecil the Lion”

Sadly, Cecil’s request was not honored.





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4 thoughts on “Cecil The Lion’s Last Will Found; Names Richard Childress Beneficiary

  • August 14, 2015 at 12:03 am

    Richard Childress is a cowardly disgusting piece of garbage. Cut from the same yellow piece of cloth as piece of shit as Dentist boy.

    Childress was too much of a coward to stand up to Dale Sr. and make him put his seat belts in right and killed him. Hope your happy Richard. You killed Dale and are a coward to boot.

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