The Hypotenuse of Death

Way back when my parents thought I was a bright kid, which my Grand Pa Pa said is why they called me Sunny,¬†they sent me to math camp¬†mainly because the year before at sports camp I hyperextended my thumb while warming up for the 100 yard dash. My days in math camp were filled with all sorts of amazing equations that could give a complex answer to every simple question. The passing of Indy Car racer Justin Wilson is more proof of the basic theorem of racing that I call the “Hypotenuse of Death.”

Everyone from racing writers to fans to the guy that cleans the toilets at the race track have a way to solve the problems in Indy Car which none of us realized we had a few minutes before Justin Wilson struck flying debris. One of the things they taught us in math camp was the concept that for every death in racing there is an opposite and unequal reaction. We all want to be experts on how to fix things after someone we cheer for dies while we watch them race.

Earlier this morning I visited the world famous mathematician Brunson Masterson IX and he told me that with a few simple equations he could fix the problem. One full chalkboard later I decided his solution couldn’t be deciphered so I decided to go back to the basics.


Today for the public benefit of the racing public as we come to terms with another death in our sport I present my “Hypotenuse of Death” explanation to help the healing.

  1. Racers Race
  2. Sometimes Racers Die
  3. Knee Jerk Solutions to Prevent #2 Often Cause More of #2 in Other Ways
  4. Only Way to Prevent Deaths in Racing is to Stop Doing #1







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