3 Doors Down Concert Goers Furious They Have To Contend With NASCAR Fans

David and James are two of the most die-hard 3 Doors Down fans that ever held a lit lighter in a dark audience. Imagine how thrilled they were to see their favs give a “free concert” at this weeks Chase Fest held in Chicago this week. Being that they’re not even NASCAR fans, they have decided to attend anyhow, taking public transportation to beat the traffic.

chasefestThis event does not come without a cost however to the openly gay couple. James has stated that if he has to step over one more hollow eyed Kasey Kahne fan like they did 3 years ago at a supermarket autograph session, he’ll simply pull his hair out. David on the other hand just shrugs it off, “James has trouble dealing with all the adolescent girls with the fancy candy necklaces that seem to follow this guy around. Even the insurance on our cottage is held by Farmers Insurance and the broker at our office has a poster of the guy on her wall.”

The NASCAR fan crowd will only be one of many things that David and James has to deal with in order to attend the concert but to them, it’s worth it in the long run.

“It’s not that bad a place to check out the latest in tatts if you look past all the NASCAR related stuff and try to forget you’re standing with a bunch of rednecks”, said David… “so there’s the upside of having to put up with the concert being where it is.” James still isn’t convinced. “I’m just happy that David is taking me somewhere to enjoy a concert again and wow, that Kahne guy won’t be there so hopefully I’ll have a great time, other than having to mingle with the rest of the hollow eyed NASCAR fans…..”


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