Delana Harvick Takes To the Gym With Added Vigor And Determination

We all saw it… the dust-up in the motorcoach lot at Chicagoland between a pair of NASCAR Champions, Jimmie Johnson and Kevin Harvick. It was something that the fans just savor for weeks and weeks as well as the television people and the bodies sitting in leather chairs in Daytona Beach.

But alas, life at the Harvick residence since has been no bed of roses.

There hasn’t been a moment that’s gone by where “Happy” Harvick doesn’t remind the little wife that one of her duties is to stop him from doing things he shouldn’t do.

Neighbors have heard raised voices over the past couple of days, mostly a male voice pleading “for the sake of GOD… get yourself in better shape… and bring me a cold Bud while you’re at it!”.

Sure, doors have slammed and dogs have barked but the shiny GM SUV pulls out of the garage at 4:30am every morning and heads out to the nearest gym for unmentionable rounds of exhausting physical activity.

Nothing says “love” more than a good woman who will run interference for her man. Kudos Delana Harvick… kudos.


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