NASCAR Shocked to Find Sober Rule Change Supporter Not on Payroll

My sources at Daytona HQ for NASCAR told me confidentially that NASCAR brass was very busy this morning. Over the weekend on his Twitter account a man from Shepherdstown, West Virginia was busy complimenting recent NASCAR rule changes including the caution clock that will be implemented in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series. NASCAR was shocked to find that this Twitter account was not associated with any NASCAR employee or media member that is on the payroll nor did the fan appear to be a drunk.

When contacted by NASCAR the man in question also did not show a desire to work for NASCAR someday.

“We wanted to make sure the proper positive comment payment was made to this Twitter account,” said our mole within the Social Media Propaganda Department. “Imagine our surprise when this turned out to be a real fan who didn’t have any DUI arrests on his record.”

NASCAR officials were ready to celebrate until they realized that “NASCAR_Junky8800” was from a town that received over 40 inches of snow during the recent Winter Storm Red Byron. (Down in Daytona they code name all storms by former NASCAR champions) They figure the fan who called himself Ray was suffering from mental anguish caused by cold air exposure.

NASCAR continued to scour Twitter and Facebook to find a sober person not on the take or with hopes of a paycheck from NASCAR that liked the “Caution Clock.”





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