About ScriptBusterz


You’re fed up with everyone telling you that what you see with your very own eyes isn’t true.

So are we.

That’s why we began this website, to simply tear up “the script” (aka what NASCAR wants you to know, and ONLY what they want you to know), and to give you a fresh perspective that quite frankly, you may just agree with or have thought of already.

We’re not so much about “black helicopters” ….. we’re more about smooth, sleek and silver Stealth Bombers!

Like fresh, insightful, well-written and grammatically correct journalism? We’ve got it.

Enjoy a dash of humor, nice pictures and stuff that makes you think? Well, we’ve got that too.

Welcome to ScriptBusterz ….

*note – there’s some great content on our site, and some of it is even true!