Our Writers

We are pleased… no, THRILLED, to have such an eclectic gathering of journalistic talent! We also welcome from time to time a very select few individuals as guest writers with topics varying from legal matters, fashion and how to eviscerate a hog to throw on a spit in the twilight moon and have it ready for Talladega! Seriously!

Please take a minute and read up on our talented group of stellar individuals:

“The Boss” ADMIN – email at info@scriptbusterz.com


No, not Idi Admin….. its the damn site’s “ADMIN” person… you know, the brains behind the whole thing. Since I’m not flamboyant enough to just rattle on about my own accolades, I’ll let the rest of the group do that instead.

Which brings us to:




Max Armstrong “Maximum Grip” – email at max@scriptbusterz.com

I have worn many hats during my lifetime but I am honored to wear the hat of Senior Staff Writer here at Scriptbusterz. Our mission is to go beyond the usual script to tell you the real story in the world including my favorite sport of NASCAR. You might not agree with me every week but I hope I make you think. If there is a story out there to be broken we guarantee we will break it first!

Hometown: Upper East Side
Favorite Sports Movie: Old Yeller
Favorite TV Show: 60 Minutes
Favorite Quote: General Custer “All I did was ask them for directions to
the casino and now this”
Favorite Driver: Bill Champion
Favorite Food: Lox and Bagels
Hobbies: Golf, Scrap Booking, Needle Point, and Yoga